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List of transactions of a project.

Implements the Relay Connection interface, used to paginate list of element (Learn More) For a Project access token, this is all the transactions of the project (only available with project access token)

first: Int! = 50
after: String
orderBy: TransactionsOrderByInput
filters: TransactionsFiltersInput
): TransactionConnection!


transactions.first ● Int! non-null scalar

the number of elements to load (default value 50, maximum: 100)

transactions.after ● String scalar

the index (a unique reference in string form) from which you will load the following elements

transactions.orderBy ● TransactionsOrderByInput input

an order you can apply to your list of connections (default value UpdatedAt desc)

transactions.filters ● TransactionsFiltersInput input

a filtering table you can apply to your list of connections


TransactionConnection object

Please see the Connection interface