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union AddCardPayload = AddCardSuccessPayload | AccountMembershipNotAllowedRejection | BadAccountStatusRejection | CardProductDisabledRejection | CardProductSuspendedRejection | EnabledCardDesignNotFoundRejection | ForbiddenRejection | MissingMandatoryFieldRejection | ValidationRejection

Possible types

AddCardPayload.AddCardSuccessPayload object

AddCardPayload.AccountMembershipNotAllowedRejection object

Rejection returned when the Account Membership is not allowed to use an operation.

AddCardPayload.BadAccountStatusRejection object

Rejection returned if the status account is not valid

AddCardPayload.CardProductDisabledRejection object

Rejection returned if the card product is disabled.

AddCardPayload.CardProductSuspendedRejection object

Rejection returned if the card product is suspended.

AddCardPayload.EnabledCardDesignNotFoundRejection object

Rejection returned if the card product don't have a card design enabled

AddCardPayload.ForbiddenRejection object

AddCardPayload.MissingMandatoryFieldRejection object

Rejection returned when mandatory fields are missing from the call.

AddCardPayload.ValidationRejection object

Rejection returned if an input contains invalid data

Returned by

addCard mutation