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Add Direct Debit Funding Source Payload

union AddDirectDebitFundingSourcePayload = AddDirectDebitFundingSourceSuccessPayload | ForbiddenRejection | NotFoundRejection | AccountVerificationAlreadyRejectedRejection | IBANNotReachableRejection | ValidationRejection

Possible types

AddDirectDebitFundingSourcePayload.AddDirectDebitFundingSourceSuccessPayload object

Add Direct Debit Funding Source Success Payload

AddDirectDebitFundingSourcePayload.ForbiddenRejection object

AddDirectDebitFundingSourcePayload.NotFoundRejection object

Rejection returned if the entity was not found or if the user does not have the rights to know that the account exists

AddDirectDebitFundingSourcePayload.AccountVerificationAlreadyRejectedRejection object

Rejection returned when the external account has already been rejected.

In such a case, contact Swan directly to resolve the situation for this specific account holder.

AddDirectDebitFundingSourcePayload.IBANNotReachableRejection object

Rejection returned when the IBAN is not reachable

AddDirectDebitFundingSourcePayload.ValidationRejection object

Rejection returned if an input contains invalid data

Returned by

addDirectDebitFundingSource mutation