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union ResumePhysicalCardPayload = ResumePhysicalCardSuccessPayload | ForbiddenRejection | CardNotFoundRejection | UserNotCardHolderRejection | PhysicalCardNotFoundRejection | PhysicalCardWrongStatusRejection | ValidationRejection

Possible types

ResumePhysicalCardPayload.ResumePhysicalCardSuccessPayload object

ResumePhysicalCardPayload.ForbiddenRejection object

ResumePhysicalCardPayload.CardNotFoundRejection object

Rejection returned if the card was not found or if the user does not have the rights to know that the account exists

ResumePhysicalCardPayload.UserNotCardHolderRejection object

Rejection returned when the User is not the Card Holder

ResumePhysicalCardPayload.PhysicalCardNotFoundRejection object

Rejection returned when the Physical Card does not exist

ResumePhysicalCardPayload.PhysicalCardWrongStatusRejection object

Rejection returned when the Physical Card is not the expected status

ResumePhysicalCardPayload.ValidationRejection object

Rejection returned if an input contains invalid data

Returned by

resumePhysicalCard mutation