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input AddSepaDirectDebitPaymentMandateInput {
paymentMethodId: ID!
sequence: DirectDebitSequence!
reference: String
language: MandateLanguage!
signatureDate: Date!
debtor: SepaPaymentMandateDebtorInput!
name: String


AddSepaDirectDebitPaymentMandateInput.paymentMethodId ● ID! non-null scalar

Specifies payment ID of a SEPA Direct Debit CORE or B2B payment method.

AddSepaDirectDebitPaymentMandateInput.sequence ● DirectDebitSequence! non-null enum

Determines whether the payment mandate is a one-off or recurrent

AddSepaDirectDebitPaymentMandateInput.reference ● String scalar

Unique reference of the SEPA Direct Debit Payment Mandate.

AddSepaDirectDebitPaymentMandateInput.language ● MandateLanguage! non-null enum

Language that will be used to produce the mandate PDF document

AddSepaDirectDebitPaymentMandateInput.signatureDate ● Date! non-null scalar

Signature date of the SEPA Direct Debit Payment Mandate

AddSepaDirectDebitPaymentMandateInput.debtor ● SepaPaymentMandateDebtorInput! non-null input

Debtor of the SEPA Direct Debit Payment Mandate ● String scalar

Custom name of the SEPA Direct Debit Payment Mandate

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addSepaDirectDebitPaymentMandate mutation