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Input to add an international trusted beneficiary

input AddTrustedInternationalBeneficiaryInput {
accountId: ID!
currency: Currency!
details: [InternationalBeneficiaryDetailsInput!]!
label: String
name: String!
route: InternationalCreditTransferRouteInput!
consentRedirectUrl: String!


AddTrustedInternationalBeneficiaryInput.accountId ● ID! non-null scalar

Account ID of the account on which the beneficiary will be created

AddTrustedInternationalBeneficiaryInput.currency ● Currency! non-null scalar

Currency of the international beneficiary account

AddTrustedInternationalBeneficiaryInput.details ● [InternationalBeneficiaryDetailsInput!]! non-null input

Currency-specific details of the beneficiary

AddTrustedInternationalBeneficiaryInput.label ● String scalar

Name of the created beneficiary ● String! non-null scalar

Account holder name of the international trusted beneficiary

AddTrustedInternationalBeneficiaryInput.route ● InternationalCreditTransferRouteInput! non-null enum

Route that Swan will use to transfer the funds to that beneficiary

AddTrustedInternationalBeneficiaryInput.consentRedirectUrl ● String! non-null scalar

When the consent flow is finished the user is redirected to this URL

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addTrustedInternationalBeneficiary mutation