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Input values needed to add a webhook subscription

input AddWebhookSubscriptionInput {
label: String!
endpoint: String!
secret: String
eventTypes: [ID!]!
status: WebhookSubscriptionCreationStatus!


AddWebhookSubscriptionInput.label ● String! non-null scalar

A short descriptive label for the subscription (max 255 characters)

AddWebhookSubscriptionInput.endpoint ● String! non-null scalar

The endpoint URL events will be sent to (max 255 characters)

AddWebhookSubscriptionInput.secret ● String scalar

The optional secret to secure incoming webhook calls. We recommend a UUID-4 to be future proof. (max 36 characters)

AddWebhookSubscriptionInput.eventTypes ● [ID!]! non-null scalar

The types of subscribed events A subset of unique IDs from webhookEventTypes

AddWebhookSubscriptionInput.status ● WebhookSubscriptionCreationStatus! non-null enum

Control if the subscription should be enabled on creation

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addWebhookSubscription mutation