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Complete Address Information with a contact

input CompleteAddressWithContactInput {
addressLine1: String!
addressLine2: String
city: String!
postalCode: String!
state: String
country: CCA3!
firstName: String!
lastName: String!
phoneNumber: PhoneNumber!
companyName: String


CompleteAddressWithContactInput.addressLine1 ● String! non-null scalar

address line 1 (max 38 characters)

CompleteAddressWithContactInput.addressLine2 ● String scalar

address line 2 (max 38 characters) ● String! non-null scalar

city (max 30 characters)

CompleteAddressWithContactInput.postalCode ● String! non-null scalar

postal code (max 10 characters)

CompleteAddressWithContactInput.state ● String scalar

state (max 30 characters) ● CCA3! non-null scalar

country code

CompleteAddressWithContactInput.firstName ● String! non-null scalar

contact first name

CompleteAddressWithContactInput.lastName ● String! non-null scalar

contact last name

CompleteAddressWithContactInput.phoneNumber ● PhoneNumber! non-null scalar

contact phone number

CompleteAddressWithContactInput.companyName ● String scalar

contact company name (max 38 characters)

Member Of

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