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Credit transfer

input CreditTransferInput {
beneficiaryId: ID
swanAccountBeneficiary: SwanAccountBeneficiaryInput
sepaBeneficiary: SepaBeneficiaryInput
amount: AmountInput!
reference: String
label: String
requestedExecutionAt: DateTime
externalReference: String
mode: CreditTransferMode
trustedBeneficiaryId: ID


CreditTransferInput.beneficiaryId ● ID scalar

SOON TO BE DEPRECATED if the transfer will credit a beneficiary already created

CreditTransferInput.swanAccountBeneficiary ● SwanAccountBeneficiaryInput input

if the transfer will credit a new swan account beneficiary

CreditTransferInput.sepaBeneficiary ● SepaBeneficiaryInput input

if the transfer will credit a new SEPA beneficiary

CreditTransferInput.amount ● AmountInput! non-null input

amount of the transfer

CreditTransferInput.reference ● String scalar

reference assigned by the initiating party, to unambiguously identify the transaction. This reference is passed on, unchanged, throughout the entire end-to-end chain (regex [a-zA-Z0-9-?.+,/':() ]{1,35} and cannot begin nor end with /. Also, // is not allowed)

CreditTransferInput.label ● String scalar

label (max 140 characters)

CreditTransferInput.requestedExecutionAt ● DateTime scalar

requested date at which the credit transfer will try to be executed, if null the credit transfer is executed right away

CreditTransferInput.externalReference ● String scalar

an arbitrary identifier that you can define to easily identify this transaction later

CreditTransferInput.mode ● CreditTransferMode enum

if the transfer will execute as instant and fallbacked to a regular one if an error happend during the instant transfer

CreditTransferInput.trustedBeneficiaryId ● ID scalar

  • COMING SOON * if the transfer will credit an existing beneficiary

Member Of

InitiateCreditTransfersInput input