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Filters that can be applied when listing digitalCards

input DigitalCardFiltersInput {
id: String
status: String
SEID: String
cardMaskedNumber: String
walletProviderId: String
walletProviderName: String
walletId: String

Fields ● String scalar

The id of the digitalCard

DigitalCardFiltersInput.status ● String scalar

The status of the digital card. It can be a CompleteDigitalCardStatus or a PendingDigitalCardStatus

DigitalCardFiltersInput.SEID ● String scalar

The Secure Element ID Mostly present on APple Devices

DigitalCardFiltersInput.cardMaskedNumber ● String scalar

The digital card masker number

DigitalCardFiltersInput.walletProviderId ● String scalar

The ID of the wallet provider in the scheme system

DigitalCardFiltersInput.walletProviderName ● String scalar

Either ApplePay, GooglePay or Merchant

DigitalCardFiltersInput.walletId ● String scalar

The wallet application ID in the user phone