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input InitiateCheckMerchantPaymentInput {
amount: AmountInput!
label: String
reference: String
merchantProfileId: ID!
cmc7: String!
rlmcKey: String!


InitiateCheckMerchantPaymentInput.amount ● AmountInput! non-null input

Amount of the concerned payment collection. For check deposit, the amount should not exceed 10 000€.

InitiateCheckMerchantPaymentInput.label ● String scalar

Label of the concerned payment collection, which will be displayed on Swan bank statement. If empty, default label will be set as "Check N° [1st 7 characters of CMC7]

InitiateCheckMerchantPaymentInput.reference ● String scalar

End-to-end reference of the concerned payment collection.

InitiateCheckMerchantPaymentInput.merchantProfileId ● ID! non-null scalar

ID of the merchant profile associated to the Swan creditor account.

InitiateCheckMerchantPaymentInput.cmc7 ● String! non-null scalar

31-character unique identifier located at the bottom of the check. CMC7 is composed of 3 sections (check number (7 characters), check issuing bank code (12 characters), check holder account number (12 characters)). Combined with RLMC key, it allows the check to be traced.

InitiateCheckMerchantPaymentInput.rlmcKey ● String! non-null scalar

2-digit key used to check the integrity of the CMC7 line, located at the bottom right of the check. Combined with CMC7 line, it allows the check to be traced.

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initiateCheckMerchantPayment mutation