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input InitiateMerchantPaymentCollectionInput {
amount: AmountInput!
label: String
reference: String
externalReference: String
internalDirectDebit: InternalDirectDebitPaymentCollectionInput
sepaDirectDebit: SepaDirectDebitPaymentCollectionInput


InitiateMerchantPaymentCollectionInput.amount ● AmountInput! non-null input

Amount of the concerned payment collection. For check deposit, the amount should not exceed 10 000€.

InitiateMerchantPaymentCollectionInput.label ● String scalar

Label of the concerned payment collection, which will be displayed on Swan bank statement - For checks transaction, if empty, default label will be set as "Check N° [1st part of CMC7 - 7 char.]

InitiateMerchantPaymentCollectionInput.reference ● String scalar

end-to-end reference of the concerned payment collection

InitiateMerchantPaymentCollectionInput.externalReference ● String scalar

external reference (JSON) that can be used by the Swan merchant for reconciliation purposes

InitiateMerchantPaymentCollectionInput.internalDirectDebit ● InternalDirectDebitPaymentCollectionInput input

Internal direct debit type of payment collection

InitiateMerchantPaymentCollectionInput.sepaDirectDebit ● SepaDirectDebitPaymentCollectionInput input

Sepa Direct Debit type of payment collection

Member Of

initiateMerchantPaymentCollection mutation