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Information about the transaction to refund

input RefundTransaction {
originTransactionId: String!
amount: AmountInput!
reference: String
label: String
executionDate: DateTime


RefundTransaction.originTransactionId ● String! non-null scalar

id of the transaction to refund

RefundTransaction.amount ● AmountInput! non-null input

amount to refund in the same currency as the account

RefundTransaction.reference ● String scalar

reference assigned by the initiating party, to unambiguously identify the transaction. This reference is passed on, unchanged, throughout the entire end-to-end chain for credit transfers. (regex [A-Za-z0-9(\-)(\_)(\?)(\.)(\+),' ]{1,35})

RefundTransaction.label ● String scalar

label for the refund transaction (max 140 characters)

RefundTransaction.executionDate ● DateTime scalar

only used when the transaction was a credit transfer

date when the credit transfer will be executed, if null the credit transfer is executed today

Member Of

RefundInput input