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Input to update a Merchant Profile

input RequestMerchantProfileUpdateInput {
merchantProfileId: ID!
merchantName: String!
merchantWebsite: String
productType: ProductType!
expectedMonthlyPaymentVolume: AmountInput!
expectedAverageBasket: AmountInput!
merchantLogo: String
accentColor: String


RequestMerchantProfileUpdateInput.merchantProfileId ● ID! non-null scalar

ID of the MerchantProfile to update

RequestMerchantProfileUpdateInput.merchantName ● String! non-null scalar

Business name of the merchant, i.e. name that will be displayed on debtors' bank statements

RequestMerchantProfileUpdateInput.merchantWebsite ● String scalar

Url of the merchant's website. Use '' to delete the field. Don't add the field to the mutation if you want to keep the existing value.

RequestMerchantProfileUpdateInput.productType ● ProductType! non-null enum

Type of product sold. Gifts and donations can be club subscription or collection of donations (for associations), tips collection, contributions for local authorities

RequestMerchantProfileUpdateInput.expectedMonthlyPaymentVolume ● AmountInput! non-null input

Expected annual activity volumes for all payment methods.

RequestMerchantProfileUpdateInput.expectedAverageBasket ● AmountInput! non-null input

expected average basket value.

RequestMerchantProfileUpdateInput.merchantLogo ● String scalar

base64 encoded merchant's logo. Use '' to delete the field. Don't add the field to the mutation if you want to keep the existing value.

RequestMerchantProfileUpdateInput.accentColor ● String scalar

Your accent color, used in white label interfaces. This color would also be inherited in the Swan Merchant Payment page. Unlike the other fields in this mutation, the value specified here updates the merchant profile's accent color immediately.

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