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input UpdateIndividualOnboardingInput {
accountName: String
accountCountry: AccountCountry
employmentStatus: EmploymentStatus
monthlyIncome: MonthlyIncome
residencyAddress: ResidencyAddressInput
email: String
language: String
onboardingId: ID!
taxIdentificationNumber: String


UpdateIndividualOnboardingInput.accountName ● String scalar

Account name of the individual account holder. Length must be from 0 to 255 characters

UpdateIndividualOnboardingInput.accountCountry ● AccountCountry enum

Country of the account that will be created at the end of the onboarding process

UpdateIndividualOnboardingInput.employmentStatus ● EmploymentStatus enum

Employment status of the individual account holder

UpdateIndividualOnboardingInput.monthlyIncome ● MonthlyIncome enum

Monthly income of the individual account holder

UpdateIndividualOnboardingInput.residencyAddress ● ResidencyAddressInput input

Residency address of the individual account holder (must be in a European country) ● String scalar

Email. Length must be from 0 to 255 characters

UpdateIndividualOnboardingInput.language ● String scalar

Language of the onboarding process. Must be compliant with RFC 5646

UpdateIndividualOnboardingInput.onboardingId ● ID! non-null scalar

Id of onboarding to be updated. Must be a valid UUID v4. Required

UpdateIndividualOnboardingInput.taxIdentificationNumber ● String scalar

Tax Identification Number

Member Of

updateIndividualOnboarding mutation