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input UserFilterInput {
birthDate: Date
firstName: String
identificationLevel: IdentificationLevelInput
lastName: String
mobilePhoneNumber: String
nationalityCCA3: CCA3
preferredNotificationChannel: PreferredNotificationChannel
status: [UserStatus!]
search: String


UserFilterInput.birthDate ● Date scalar

UserFilterInput.firstName ● String scalar

UserFilterInput.identificationLevel ● IdentificationLevelInput enum

UserFilterInput.lastName ● String scalar

UserFilterInput.mobilePhoneNumber ● String scalar

UserFilterInput.nationalityCCA3 ● CCA3 scalar

UserFilterInput.preferredNotificationChannel ● PreferredNotificationChannel enum

UserFilterInput.status ● [UserStatus!] list enum ● String scalar

Searches first name, last name, phone number and id Min length : 3 characters

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