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Filters that can be applied when listing eventLogs

input WebhookEventLogFiltersInput {
statusCode: Int
statusText: StatusText
startDate: DateTime
endDate: DateTime
eventType: String
eventId: ID
resourceId: ID
webhookSubscriptionId: ID


WebhookEventLogFiltersInput.statusCode ● Int scalar

WebhookEventLogFiltersInput.statusText ● StatusText enum

WebhookEventLogFiltersInput.startDate ● DateTime scalar

WebhookEventLogFiltersInput.endDate ● DateTime scalar

WebhookEventLogFiltersInput.eventType ● String scalar

WebhookEventLogFiltersInput.eventId ● ID scalar

WebhookEventLogFiltersInput.resourceId ● ID scalar

WebhookEventLogFiltersInput.webhookSubscriptionId ● ID scalar

Member Of

webhookEventLogs query