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Inputs to add a new account membership

input AddAccountMembershipInput {
accountId: ID!
email: String!
restrictedTo: RestrictedToInput!
canViewAccount: Boolean!
canManageBeneficiaries: Boolean!
canInitiatePayments: Boolean!
canManageAccountMembership: Boolean!
canManageCards: Boolean
consentRedirectUrl: String!
residencyAddress: ResidencyAddressInput
taxIdentificationNumber: String
language: AccountLanguage


AddAccountMembershipInput.accountId ● ID! non-null scalar

Unique identifier of a given account ● String! non-null scalar

Email address

AddAccountMembershipInput.restrictedTo ● RestrictedToInput! non-null input

Restricted to a user if necessary

AddAccountMembershipInput.canViewAccount ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if this account membership can view account balances and transactions history

AddAccountMembershipInput.canManageBeneficiaries ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if this account membership can add or canceled beneficiaries

AddAccountMembershipInput.canInitiatePayments ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if this account membership can initiate credit transfers

AddAccountMembershipInput.canManageAccountMembership ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if this account membership can invite, update, suspend or resume account membership

AddAccountMembershipInput.canManageCards ● Boolean scalar

true if this account membership can manage cards for himself or to the memberships he manages

AddAccountMembershipInput.consentRedirectUrl ● String! non-null scalar

URL the user is redirected to after consent has been given

AddAccountMembershipInput.residencyAddress ● ResidencyAddressInput input

Residency address of the member to be added

AddAccountMembershipInput.taxIdentificationNumber ● String scalar

Tax Identification Number of the user added

AddAccountMembershipInput.language ● AccountLanguage enum

Language of the account membership

Member Of

addAccountMembership mutation