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input IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInput {
firstName: String
lastName: String
birthDate: String
birthCity: String
birthCityPostalCode: String
birthCountryCode: CCA3
indirect: Boolean
direct: Boolean
totalCapitalPercentage: Float
type: IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerTypeEnum!
taxIdentificationNumber: String
residencyAddress: AddressInformationInput
title: TitleEnum


IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInput.firstName ● String scalar

Individual beneficial owner first name. Length must be from 0 to 100 characters

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInput.lastName ● String scalar

Individual beneficial owner last name. Length must be from 0 to 100 characters

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInput.birthDate ● String scalar

Individual birth date. Must be a valid date in the YYYY/MM/DD format

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInput.birthCity ● String scalar

Individual birth city. Length must be from 0 to 100 characters

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInput.birthCityPostalCode ● String scalar

Individual birth city postal code. Length must be from 0 to 50 characters

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInput.birthCountryCode ● CCA3 scalar

Individual birth country code

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInput.indirect ● Boolean scalar

Define UBO is an Indirect Owner ● Boolean scalar

Define UBO is a Direct Owner

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInput.totalCapitalPercentage ● Float scalar

Total of capital (in percentage, ex: 50 = 50%). Must be between 1 and 100.

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInput.type ● IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerTypeEnum! non-null enum

Define UBO is a Legal Representative

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInput.taxIdentificationNumber ● String scalar

Individual beneficial owner Tax or Identification Number

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInput.residencyAddress ● AddressInformationInput input

Individual beneficial owner residency address

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInput.title ● TitleEnum enum

Individual ultimate beneficial owner title (Mr/Ms)

Member Of

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput input ● UpdateCompanyOnboardingInput input