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Filters that can be applied when listing accounts (Only applied in user context)

input MembershipsFilterInput {
canManageCards: Boolean
canInitiatePayments: Boolean
canManageAccountMembership: Boolean
canManageBeneficiaries: Boolean
canViewAccount: Boolean
status: [AccountMembershipStatus!]
email: String
firstName: String
lastName: String
search: String


MembershipsFilterInput.canManageCards ● Boolean scalar

true if this account membership can manage cards for himself or to the memberships he manages

MembershipsFilterInput.canInitiatePayments ● Boolean scalar

Can the user initiate payments on this account

MembershipsFilterInput.canManageAccountMembership ● Boolean scalar

Can the user manage account membership

MembershipsFilterInput.canManageBeneficiaries ● Boolean scalar

Can the user manage beneficiaries

MembershipsFilterInput.canViewAccount ● Boolean scalar

Can the user view account

MembershipsFilterInput.status ● [AccountMembershipStatus!] list enum

Account memberships status/statuses we're looking for ● String scalar

Filtered by email

MembershipsFilterInput.firstName ● String scalar

Filtered by first name

MembershipsFilterInput.lastName ● String scalar

Filtered by last name ● String scalar

Searches email, first name, last name, and id