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Inputs to onboard a new company account holder

input OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput {
accountName: String
name: String
registrationNumber: String
companyType: CompanyType
businessActivity: BusinessActivity
businessActivityDescription: String
accountCountry: AccountCountry
monthlyPaymentVolume: MonthlyPaymentVolume
individualUltimateBeneficialOwners: [IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInput!]
residencyAddress: ResidencyAddressInput
email: String
language: String
redirectUrl: String
isRegistered: Boolean
oAuthRedirectParameters: OAuthRedirectParametersInput
vatNumber: String
taxIdentificationNumber: String
legalRepresentativePersonalAddress: AddressInformationInput
typeOfRepresentation: TypeOfRepresentation


OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.accountName ● String scalar

Account name of the company account holder. Length must be from 0 to 100 characters ● String scalar

Name of the company. Length must be from 0 to 255 characters

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.registrationNumber ● String scalar

Registration number of the company (SIRET, ...). Length must be from 0 to 50 characters

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.companyType ● CompanyType enum

Type of the company (Association ...)

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.businessActivity ● BusinessActivity enum

Business activity

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.businessActivityDescription ● String scalar

Business activity description. Length must be from 0 to 1024 characters

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.accountCountry ● AccountCountry enum

Country of the account that will be created at the end of the onboarding process

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.monthlyPaymentVolume ● MonthlyPaymentVolume enum

Estimated monthly payment volume (euro)

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.individualUltimateBeneficialOwners ● [IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInput!] list input

The ultimate beneficial owner is defined as the natural person (s) who own or control, directly and/or indirectly, the reporting company.

The ultimate beneficial owner is :

  • either the natural person (s) who hold, directly or indirectly, more than 25% of the capital or the rights of vote of the reporting company;
  • either the natural person (s) who exercise, by other means, a power of control of the company;

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.residencyAddress ● ResidencyAddressInput input

Residency address of the head office (Must be in a European country) ● String scalar

Email of the legal representative. Length must be from 0 to 255 characters

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.language ● String scalar

Language of the onboarding process. Must be compliant with RFC 5646

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.redirectUrl ● String scalar

URL used to redirect the user at the end of the onboarding process. If null the user is redirected to the white label web banking. Length must be from 0 to 255 characters

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.isRegistered ● Boolean scalar

Is company registered at RCS in its country

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.oAuthRedirectParameters ● OAuthRedirectParametersInput input

Extra parameters provided by partner

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.vatNumber ● String scalar

VAT number

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.taxIdentificationNumber ● String scalar

Tax Identification Number

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.legalRepresentativePersonalAddress ● AddressInformationInput input

Legal representative personal address

OnboardCompanyAccountHolderInput.typeOfRepresentation ● TypeOfRepresentation enum

Type of representation (legal representative or power of attorney)

Member Of

CreateCapitalDepositCaseInput input ● onboardCompanyAccountHolder mutation ● OnboardCompanyShareholderInput input