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Sepa beneficiary account

input SepaBeneficiaryInput {
iban: IBAN!
name: String!
address: AddressInput
isMyOwnIban: Boolean!
save: Boolean!


SepaBeneficiaryInput.iban ● IBAN! non-null scalar

International Bank Account Number ● String! non-null scalar

Full name of the beneficiary (min 2 characters, max 70 characters). The name should not include any special characters.

SepaBeneficiaryInput.address ● AddressInput input

beneficiary address

SepaBeneficiaryInput.isMyOwnIban ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if this new beneficiary is the account holder himself in another financial institution. ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if this new beneficiary will be saved to the beneficiary list of the debited account.

Member Of

CreditTransferInput input ● ScheduleStandingOrderInput input