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the criteria to filter transactions

input TransactionsFiltersInput {
status: [TransactionStatus!]
paymentProduct: [PaymentProduct!]
isAfterUpdatedAt: DateTime
isBeforeUpdatedAt: DateTime
search: String
type: [TransactionTypeEnum!]
includeRejectedWithFallback: Boolean


TransactionsFiltersInput.status ● [TransactionStatus!] list enum

To filter on some Transaction Status (all if empty)

TransactionsFiltersInput.paymentProduct ● [PaymentProduct!] list enum

To filter on some Payment Products (all if empty)

TransactionsFiltersInput.isAfterUpdatedAt ● DateTime scalar

To filter after an updatedAt value

TransactionsFiltersInput.isBeforeUpdatedAt ● DateTime scalar

To filter before an updatedAt value ● String scalar

To filter on some text occurrences (words or ids)

TransactionsFiltersInput.type ● [TransactionTypeEnum!] list enum

To filter on some transaction types

TransactionsFiltersInput.includeRejectedWithFallback ● Boolean scalar

To filter so it includes rejected transactions that had a fallback (true by default)

Member Of

transactions query