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type MerchantPaymentLink {
id: String!
projectId: ID!
url: String!
statusInfo: MerchantPaymentLinkStatusInfo!
merchantProfile: MerchantProfile!
amount: Amount!
redirectUrl: String!
cancelRedirectUrl: String!
sequence: PaymentMandateSequence!
billingAddress: Address
requestedExecutionAt: DateTime
externalReference: String
reference: String
language: String
label: String
customer: Customer
paymentMethods: [MerchantPaymentMethod!]!

Fields ● String! non-null scalar

Merchant payment link's unique ID.

MerchantPaymentLink.projectId ● ID! non-null scalar

ID of the related project

MerchantPaymentLink.url ● String! non-null scalar

The URL at which the customer can complete the payment.

MerchantPaymentLink.statusInfo ● MerchantPaymentLinkStatusInfo! non-null interface

The merchant payment link status.

MerchantPaymentLink.merchantProfile ● MerchantProfile! non-null object

The Merchant Profile to link this Payment Link to

MerchantPaymentLink.amount ● Amount! non-null object

Amount to be paid to sucessfully complete the payment.

MerchantPaymentLink.redirectUrl ● String! non-null scalar

Merchant Website URL to redirect the user to when the payment is completed.

MerchantPaymentLink.cancelRedirectUrl ● String! non-null scalar

URL to redirect the user to if they cancel their payment

MerchantPaymentLink.sequence ● PaymentMandateSequence! non-null enum

Controls if the payment mandate created from this payment link is for one-time use or can be reused This is applicable for card and SEPA Direct Debit payment methods only.

MerchantPaymentLink.billingAddress ● Address object

The customer billing Address These fields should be completed also to pre-fill a SEPA direct debit mandate.

We strongly advice to complete these fields if merchants want to get paid through card payment method, in order to minimize the risk of payment rejection by Visa / Mastercard schemes

MerchantPaymentLink.requestedExecutionAt ● DateTime scalar

A date that reflects the time at which the user asked the transaction to be executed. For card transactions, request execution must occur within 7 days after authorization or the authorization may expire. For SEPA Direct Debit transactions, request execution must occur up to 1 year in the future.

Default value means that the execution will be as soon as possible

MerchantPaymentLink.externalReference ● String scalar

Any string that you want to be attached to this payment link. Usually something to help you reference the link in an external system.

MerchantPaymentLink.reference ● String scalar

Optional field intended to provide a way for you to include a reference number or code. The customer will most likely see this value on their bank statement, though we can't know as every banking platform is different.

MerchantPaymentLink.language ● String scalar

The language used for the payment page. Default is the browser's language, or English if not available.

MerchantPaymentLink.label ● String scalar

Label of the concerned payment collection, which will be displayed on Swan bank statement and on the Swan merchant payment page.

MerchantPaymentLink.customer ● Customer object

We will use the information specified here to prefill the payment link fields depending on the payment method the end user chooses. Keep in mind that your end customer will be able to edit these fields.

MerchantPaymentLink.paymentMethods ● [MerchantPaymentMethod!]! non-null interface

List of payment methods IDs enabled for this payment link. If the array is empty Swan will allow all the payment methods that are enabled for the merchant profile (except for Check and Internal Direct Debit)

Member Of

CreateMerchantPaymentLinkSuccessPayload object