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type AccountHolderCompanyInfo implements AccountHolderInfo {
type: AccountHolderType!
name: String!
registrationNumber: String
companyRegistrationDate: Date
companyType: CompanyType
businessActivity: BusinessActivity!
businessActivityDescription: String!
monthlyPaymentVolume: MonthlyPaymentVolume!
individualUltimateBeneficialOwners: [IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwner!]!
vatNumber: String
taxIdentificationNumber: String
legalRepresentativePersonalAddress: AddressInformation


AccountHolderCompanyInfo.type ● AccountHolderType! non-null enum

Account holder type (always Company for type AccountHolderCompanyInfo) ● String! non-null scalar

Name of the company.

AccountHolderCompanyInfo.registrationNumber ● String scalar

Registration number of the company (SIRET, ...).

AccountHolderCompanyInfo.companyRegistrationDate ● Date scalar

Registration date of the company.

AccountHolderCompanyInfo.companyType ● CompanyType enum

Legal form of the company (SAS, SCI, SASU, ...).

AccountHolderCompanyInfo.businessActivity ● BusinessActivity! non-null enum

Business activity.

AccountHolderCompanyInfo.businessActivityDescription ● String! non-null scalar

Business activity description. This must be 1024 characters long maximum.

AccountHolderCompanyInfo.monthlyPaymentVolume ● MonthlyPaymentVolume! non-null enum

Estimated monthly payment volume (euro).

AccountHolderCompanyInfo.individualUltimateBeneficialOwners ● [IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwner!]! non-null object

The ultimate beneficiary is defined as the natural person (s) who own or control, directly or indirectly, the reporting company.

The ultimate beneficiary is :

  • either the natural person (s) who hold, directly or indirectly, more than 25% of the capital or the rights of vote of the reporting company;
  • either the natural person (s) who exercise, by other means, a power of control of the company;

AccountHolderCompanyInfo.vatNumber ● String scalar

Unique number that identifies a taxable person (business) or non-taxable legal entity that is registered for VAT

AccountHolderCompanyInfo.taxIdentificationNumber ● String scalar

Tax Identification Number

AccountHolderCompanyInfo.legalRepresentativePersonalAddress ● AddressInformation object

Legal representative personal address


AccountHolderInfo interface

Account holder types.