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Individual account holder.

type AccountHolderIndividualInfo implements AccountHolderInfo {
type: AccountHolderType!
name: String!
employmentStatus: EmploymentStatus!
monthlyIncome: MonthlyIncome!
user: User!
taxIdentificationNumber: String


AccountHolderIndividualInfo.type ● AccountHolderType! non-null enum

Account holder type (always Individual for type AccountHolderIndividualInfo). ● String! non-null scalar

Account Holder's first name and last name.

AccountHolderIndividualInfo.employmentStatus ● EmploymentStatus! non-null enum

Employment status of the account holder (regulatory questions).

AccountHolderIndividualInfo.monthlyIncome ● MonthlyIncome! non-null enum

Monthly income of the account holder (regulatory questions).

AccountHolderIndividualInfo.user ● User! non-null object

User of the individual account holder.

AccountHolderIndividualInfo.taxIdentificationNumber ● String scalar

Tax Identification Number


AccountHolderInfo interface

Account holder types.