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A method used to authenticate a user

type Authenticator {
os: String
brand: String
model: String
type: AuthenticatorType!
userAgent: String
acceptLanguage: String


Authenticator.os ● String scalar

Operating System parsed from the user agent (eg AIX, Amiga OS, Android, Arch, Bada, BeOS, BlackBerry, ...)

Authenticator.brand ● String scalar

Device Brand parsed from the user agent (eg: Acer, Alcatel, Amazon, Apple, ...)

Authenticator.model ● String scalar

Device Model parsed from the user agent

Authenticator.type ● AuthenticatorType! non-null enum

Type of authenticator

Authenticator.userAgent ● String scalar

Raw user agent

Authenticator.acceptLanguage ● String scalar

Accept-Language header used during registration

Member Of

User object