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Rejection returned if the card was not found or if the user does not have the rights to know that the account exists

type CardNotFoundRejection implements Rejection {
id: String!
message: String!

Fields ● String! non-null scalar

CardNotFoundRejection.message ● String! non-null scalar


Rejection interface

Implemented By

ActivatePhysicalCardPayload union ● AddDigitalCardPayload union ● CancelCardPayload union ● CancelDigitalCardPayload union ● CancelPhysicalCardPayload union ● ConfirmPhysicalCardRenewalPayload union ● PrintPhysicalCardPayload union ● ResumePhysicalCardPayload union ● SuspendPhysicalCardPayload union ● UpdateCardPayload union ● ViewCardNumbersPayload union ● ViewPhysicalCardNumbersPayload union ● ViewPhysicalCardPinPayload union