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type CheckMerchantPaymentMethod implements MerchantPaymentMethod {
id: ID!
type: MerchantPaymentMethodType!
methodId: ID!
statusInfo: MerchantPaymentMethodStatusInfo!
version: Int!
updatedAt: Date!
rollingReserve: RollingReserve

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

Unique identifier tied to every version of a given Merchant Payment Method

CheckMerchantPaymentMethod.type ● MerchantPaymentMethodType! non-null enum

The Merchant Payment Method Type

CheckMerchantPaymentMethod.methodId ● ID! non-null scalar

Unique identifier for a given merchant Payment Method, identical for every version of a given Merchant Payment Method Type

CheckMerchantPaymentMethod.statusInfo ● MerchantPaymentMethodStatusInfo! non-null interface

Status of the Merchant Payment Method

CheckMerchantPaymentMethod.version ● Int! non-null scalar

Version of the Merchant Payment Method

CheckMerchantPaymentMethod.updatedAt ● Date! non-null scalar

Date at which the Merchant Payment Method was last updated

CheckMerchantPaymentMethod.rollingReserve ● RollingReserve object

Rolling Reserve applied to the Merchant Payment Method


MerchantPaymentMethod interface

Base object for the different Payment Methods available