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Some sensitive operation at Swan, such as initiating a payment, require consent

type Consent {
id: ID!
requireSCA: Boolean!
status: ConsentStatus!
createdAt: DateTime!
updatedAt: DateTime
startedAt: DateTime
expiredAt: DateTime
purpose: ConsentPurpose!
consentUrl: String!
redirectUrl: String!
userId: String!
user: User
challenge: String

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

unique identifier of the consent

Consent.requireSCA ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if the consent requires a Strong Customer Authentication

Consent.status ● ConsentStatus! non-null enum

status of the consent

Consent.createdAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

created date

Consent.updatedAt ● DateTime scalar

updated date

Consent.startedAt ● DateTime scalar

date when the consentUrl was request the first time

Consent.expiredAt ● DateTime scalar

date when the consent expire

Consent.purpose ● ConsentPurpose! non-null enum

purpose of the consent

Consent.consentUrl ● String! non-null scalar

Redirect the user to this URL to start the consent flow

Consent.redirectUrl ● String! non-null scalar

When the consent flow is finished the user is redirected to this URL

Consent.userId ● String! non-null scalar

userId who initiated the consent

Consent.user ● User object

user who initiated the consent

Consent.challenge ● String scalar

unique hash of the consent

Returned by

consent query

Member Of

AccountMembershipConsentPendingStatusInfo object ● ActivatePhysicalCardSuccessPayload object ● CancelConsentSuccessPayload object ● CardConsentPendingStatusInfo object ● CloseAccountSuccessPayload object ● ConsentEdge object ● CreateMultiConsentSuccessPayload object ● DigitalCardConsentPendingStatusInfo object ● GrantConsentWithServerSignatureSuccessPayload object ● PaymentConsentPending object ● PaymentMandateConsentPendingStatusInfo object ● PendingConsentAccountMembershipUpdate object ● PhysicalCardConsentPendingStatusInfo object ● ReceivedDirectDebitMandateStatusInfoConsentPending object ● RefundSuccessPayload object ● ResumeAccountMembershipSuccessPayload object ● ResumePhysicalCardSuccessPayload object ● StandingOrderConsentPendingStatusInfo object ● TrustedBeneficiaryConsentPending object ● UpdateAccountMembershipSuccessPayload object ● UpdateCardSuccessPayload object ● ViewCardNumbersSuccessPayload object ● ViewPhysicalCardNumbersSuccessPayload object ● ViewPhysicalCardPinSuccessPayload object