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Individual Ultimate Beneficial Owner You need to describe the natural person (s) who hold, directly or indirectly, more than 25% of the capital or the rights of vote of the reporting company. Please describe the company (s) that owns the company that wishes to open an account, when an individual holds in fine more than 25%

type IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwner {
firstName: String
lastName: String
birthDate: DateTime
birthCity: String
birthCityPostalCode: String
birthCountryCode: CCA3
info: IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInfo!
taxIdentificationNumber: String
residencyAddress: AddressInformation
title: TitleEnum


IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwner.firstName ● String scalar

individual first name

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwner.lastName ● String scalar

individual last name

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwner.birthDate ● DateTime scalar

individual birth date

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwner.birthCity ● String scalar

individual birth city

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwner.birthCityPostalCode ● String scalar

individual birth city postal code

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwner.birthCountryCode ● CCA3 scalar

individual birth country code ● IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwnerInfo! non-null interface

Information relating to the type of the UBO

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwner.taxIdentificationNumber ● String scalar

Individual beneficial owner Tax or Identification Number

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwner.residencyAddress ● AddressInformation object

Individual beneficial owner residency Address

IndividualUltimateBeneficialOwner.title ● TitleEnum enum

Individual beneficial owner title (Mr/Ms)

Member Of

AccountHolderCompanyInfo object ● OnboardingCompanyAccountHolderInfo object