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type Invoice {
id: ID!
accountId: ID!
name: String!
type: InvoiceType!
status: InvoiceStatus!
amount: Amount!
url: String
expiresAt: DateTime
openingDate: DateTime!
closingDate: DateTime!
createdAt: DateTime!
updatedAt: DateTime!

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

unique id

Invoice.accountId ● ID! non-null scalar

account id ● String! non-null scalar

name of the invoice

Invoice.type ● InvoiceType! non-null enum

type of the invoice

Invoice.status ● InvoiceStatus! non-null enum

status of the invoice

Invoice.amount ● Amount! non-null object

due amount

Invoice.url ● String scalar

temporary public url on which the file can be accessible

Invoice.expiresAt ● DateTime scalar

date at which the link will not be useable anymore

Invoice.openingDate ● DateTime! non-null scalar

starting date of the billing window

Invoice.closingDate ● DateTime! non-null scalar

ending date of the billing window

Invoice.createdAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

creation date

Invoice.updatedAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

last update date

Returned by

accountInvoice query

Member Of

InvoiceEdge object