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type OnboardingInfo {
id: String!
accountName: String
accountCountry: AccountCountry
email: String
language: String
info: OnboardingAccountHolderInfo!
onboardingUrl: String!
onboardingState: OnboardingState
redirectUrl: String!
projectInfo: ProjectInfo
verificationFlow: VerificationFlow!
oAuthRedirectParameters: OAuthRedirectParameters
statusInfo: OnboardingStatusInfo!
supportingDocumentCollection: SupportingDocumentCollection!
legalRepresentativeAcceptedIdentificationLevels: [IdentificationLevel]!
legalRepresentativeRecommendedIdentificationLevel: IdentificationLevel!
tcuUrl: String!

Fields ● String! non-null scalar

Unique identifier of an onboarding

OnboardingInfo.accountName ● String scalar

Account name

OnboardingInfo.accountCountry ● AccountCountry enum

Country of the account that will be created at the end of the onboarding process ● String scalar


OnboardingInfo.language ● String scalar

language of the onboarding process. This consists of a 2-3 letter base language tag representing the language, optionally followed by additional subtags separated by '-'. The most common extra information is the country or region variant (like 'en-US' or 'fr-CA') or the type of alphabet to use (like 'sr-Latn'). Other variants like the type of orthography ('de-DE-1996') are usually not used in the context of this header. Learn More ● OnboardingAccountHolderInfo! non-null interface

Information regarding the Individual or the company to onboard

OnboardingInfo.onboardingUrl ● String! non-null scalar

Redirect the legal representative of a new account holder to this URL to start the onboarding process

OnboardingInfo.onboardingState ● OnboardingState enum

Current computed state of onboarding

OnboardingInfo.redirectUrl ● String! non-null scalar

URL used to redirect the user at the end of the onboarding process. If null the user is redirected to the white label web banking.

OnboardingInfo.projectInfo ● ProjectInfo object

Project infos you set in the dashboard

OnboardingInfo.verificationFlow ● VerificationFlow! non-null enum

Verification Flow

OnboardingInfo.oAuthRedirectParameters ● OAuthRedirectParameters object

Extra parameters provided by partner

OnboardingInfo.statusInfo ● OnboardingStatusInfo! non-null interface

Status (valid/invalid/finalized) and details of errors on fields

OnboardingInfo.supportingDocumentCollection ● SupportingDocumentCollection! non-null object

Supporting document collection related to onboarding.

OnboardingInfo.legalRepresentativeAcceptedIdentificationLevels ● [IdentificationLevel]! non-null enum

List of accepted identification level for the legal representative

OnboardingInfo.legalRepresentativeRecommendedIdentificationLevel ● IdentificationLevel! non-null enum

Recommended identification level for the legal representative

OnboardingInfo.tcuUrl ● String! non-null scalar


Member Of

UpdateCompanyOnboardingSuccessPayload object ● UpdateIndividualOnboardingSuccessPayload object