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Information provided during the onboarding process of an individual or a company

type Onboarding {
id: String!
accountName: String
accountCountry: AccountCountry!
createdAt: DateTime!
email: String
finalizedAt: DateTime
language: String
info: OnboardingAccountHolderInfo!
accountHolder: AccountHolder
onboardingUrl: String!
onboardingState: OnboardingState!
redirectUrl: String! @deprecated
oAuthRedirectParameters: OAuthRedirectParameters
statusInfo: OnboardingStatusInfo!
tcuUrl: String!
supportingDocumentCollection: SupportingDocumentCollection!
updatedAt: DateTime!
account: Account
legalRepresentativeAcceptedIdentificationLevels: [IdentificationLevel]!
legalRepresentativeRecommendedIdentificationLevel: IdentificationLevel!

Fields ● String! non-null scalar

Unique identifier of an onboarding

Onboarding.accountName ● String scalar

Account name

Onboarding.accountCountry ● AccountCountry! non-null enum

Account Country

Onboarding.createdAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

Creation date ● String scalar


Onboarding.finalizedAt ● DateTime scalar

Finalization date

Onboarding.language ● String scalar

Language of the onboarding process. This consists of a 2-3 letter base language tag representing the language, optionally followed by additional subtags separated by '-'. The most common extra information is the country or region variant (like 'en-US' or 'fr-CA') or the type of alphabet to use (like 'sr-Latn'). Other variants like the type of orthography ('de-DE-1996') are usually not used in the context of this header. Learn More ● OnboardingAccountHolderInfo! non-null interface

Information regarding the Individual or the company to onboard

Onboarding.accountHolder ● AccountHolder object

Account holder created at the end of the onboarding process

Onboarding.onboardingUrl ● String! non-null scalar

Redirect the legal representative of a new account holder to this URL to start the onboarding process

Onboarding.onboardingState ● OnboardingState! non-null enum

Current computed state of onboarding

Onboarding.redirectUrl ● String! deprecated non-null scalar


Use redirectUrl field on oauthRedirectParameters parameters instead.

URL used to redirect the user at the end of the onboarding process. If null the user is redirected to the white label web banking.

Onboarding.oAuthRedirectParameters ● OAuthRedirectParameters object

Extra parameters provided by partner

Onboarding.statusInfo ● OnboardingStatusInfo! non-null interface

Status (valid/invalid/finalized) and details of errors on fields

Onboarding.tcuUrl ● String! non-null scalar


Onboarding.supportingDocumentCollection ● SupportingDocumentCollection! non-null object

List of supporting document collection owned by the account holder.

Onboarding.updatedAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

Creation date

Onboarding.account ● Account object

Account opened after the onboarding finalization

Onboarding.legalRepresentativeAcceptedIdentificationLevels ● [IdentificationLevel]! non-null enum

List of accepted identification level for the legal representative

Onboarding.legalRepresentativeRecommendedIdentificationLevel ● IdentificationLevel! non-null enum

Recommended identification level for the legal representative

Returned by

onboarding query

Member Of

AccountHolder object ● CapitalDepositCase object ● FinalizeOnboardingSuccessPayload object ● OnboardCompanyAccountHolderSuccessPayload object ● OnboardIndividualAccountHolderSuccessPayload object ● OnboardingEdge object ● OnboardingNotCompletedRejection object ● Shareholder object