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Physical Card

type PhysicalCard {
statusInfo: PhysicalCardStatusInfo!
expiryDate: String
identifier: String
offlineSpendingLimit: Amount!
cardMaskedNumber: String!
customOptions: PhysicalCardCustomOptions!
previousPhysicalCards: [BasicPhysicalCardInfo!]!


PhysicalCard.statusInfo ● PhysicalCardStatusInfo! non-null interface

Physical Card status information

PhysicalCard.expiryDate ● String scalar

Physical Card expiration date with MM/YY string format

PhysicalCard.identifier ● String scalar

Unique identifier present on physical card, such identifier is null if the status is ToActivate or Canceled. This identifier is updated when a renewed card is activated

PhysicalCard.offlineSpendingLimit ● Amount! non-null object

Offline Spending limit defined by Swan

PhysicalCard.cardMaskedNumber ● String! non-null scalar

Masked Card Number

PhysicalCard.customOptions ● PhysicalCardCustomOptions! non-null object

Custom Options

PhysicalCard.previousPhysicalCards ● [BasicPhysicalCardInfo!]! non-null object

every previous Physical Card information

Member Of

ActivatePhysicalCardSuccessPayload object ● CancelPhysicalCardSuccessPayload object ● Card object ● ConfirmPhysicalCardRenewalSuccessPayload object ● PrintPhysicalCardSuccessPayload object ● ResumePhysicalCardSuccessPayload object ● SuspendPhysicalCardSuccessPayload object