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type ProjectCardDesigns {
id: ID!
issuingProcessorVisualId: String
specificCardProductCodeForCompanies: String
name: String
cardDesigns: [CardProductDesign!]!
preProvisioningSUVCardSettings: PreProvisioningSUVCardSettings

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

Unique identifier of a project

ProjectCardDesigns.issuingProcessorVisualId ● String scalar

Visual Id from the issuing card processor (Monext)

ProjectCardDesigns.specificCardProductCodeForCompanies ● String scalar

Specific card product for companies ● String scalar

Project name

ProjectCardDesigns.cardDesigns ● [CardProductDesign!]! non-null object

Project card product designs

ProjectCardDesigns.preProvisioningSUVCardSettings ● PreProvisioningSUVCardSettings object

Project's pre provisioning suv card settings