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Percentage over a number of business days, that is applied to all funds collected to compute a Reserved amount This amount cannot be used over the corresponding business days

type RollingReserve {
percentage: Int!
rollingDays: Int!


RollingReserve.percentage ● Int! non-null scalar

Percentage of the funding amount to be reserved

RollingReserve.rollingDays ● Int! non-null scalar

Number of business days the computed amount is reserved

Member Of

CardMerchantPaymentMethod object ● CheckMerchantPaymentMethod object ● InternalDirectDebitB2BMerchantPaymentMethod object ● InternalDirectDebitStandardMerchantPaymentMethod object ● MerchantPaymentMethod interface ● SepaDirectDebitB2BMerchantPaymentMethod object ● SepaDirectDebitCoreMerchantPaymentMethod object