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type StandingOrder {
id: ID!
first: Int! = 50
after: String
offset: Int
orderBy: PaymentOrderByInput
filters: PaymentFiltersInput
): PaymentConnection!
reference: String
label: String
amount: Amount
targetAvailableBalance: Amount
period: StandingOrderPeriod!
firstExecutionDate: DateTime
lastExecutionDate: DateTime
sepaBeneficiary: SEPABeneficiary!
statusInfo: StandingOrderStatusInfo!
createdAt: Date!
updatedAt: Date!
account: Account!
createdBy: User!
nextExecutionDate: Date
creditTransferMode: CreditTransferMode

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

Standing Order unique identifier

StandingOrder.payments ● PaymentConnection! non-null object

List of payments of an standing order.

Implements the Relay Connection interface, used to paginate list of element (Learn More)

StandingOrder.payments.first ● Int! non-null scalar

the number of elements to load (default value 50, maximum: 100)

StandingOrder.payments.after ● String scalar

the index (a unique reference in string form) from which you will load the following elements

StandingOrder.payments.offset ● Int scalar

a filtering table you can apply to your list of connections

StandingOrder.payments.orderBy ● PaymentOrderByInput input

an order you can apply to your list of connections (default value UpdatedAt desc)

StandingOrder.payments.filters ● PaymentFiltersInput input

a filtering table you can apply to your list of connections

StandingOrder.reference ● String scalar

reference that will be transferred to the beneficiary throughout the entire end-to-end chain

StandingOrder.label ● String scalar

label that will be transferred to the beneficiary

StandingOrder.amount ● Amount object

Fixed Amount that will be regularly transferred

StandingOrder.targetAvailableBalance ● Amount object

Target available balance value that will be used for periodically clipping the account

StandingOrder.period ● StandingOrderPeriod! non-null enum

Scheduled period of Standing Order

StandingOrder.firstExecutionDate ● DateTime scalar

Earlier date the Standing Order will be executed

StandingOrder.lastExecutionDate ● DateTime scalar

Latest date the Standing Order will be executed

StandingOrder.sepaBeneficiary ● SEPABeneficiary! non-null object

SEPA beneficiary of the Standing Order

StandingOrder.statusInfo ● StandingOrderStatusInfo! non-null interface

Status of the Standing Order

StandingOrder.createdAt ● Date! non-null scalar

Date the Standing Order has been created

StandingOrder.updatedAt ● Date! non-null scalar

Last date the Standing Order has been updated

StandingOrder.account ● Account! non-null object

Account of the Standing Order

StandingOrder.createdBy ● User! non-null object

Identity that scheduled the Standing Order

StandingOrder.nextExecutionDate ● Date scalar

Next execution date of the Standing Order, if any

StandingOrder.creditTransferMode ● CreditTransferMode enum

Transfer mode of the Standing Order

Returned by

standingOrder query

Member Of

CancelStandingOrderSuccessPayload object ● Payment object ● ScheduleStandingOrderSuccessPayload object ● StandingOrderEdge object