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Ultimate beneficial Direct Owner company info.

type UltimateBeneficialDirectOwnerCompanyInfo implements UltimateBeneficialOwnerInfo {
id: ID!
type: UltimateBeneficialOwnerType!
parentCompanyShareRatio: Float!
name: String!
registrationNumber: String!

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

Ultimate Beneficial Owner Unique Identifier .

UltimateBeneficialDirectOwnerCompanyInfo.type ● UltimateBeneficialOwnerType! non-null enum

Ultimate beneficial Direct Owner Company type.

UltimateBeneficialDirectOwnerCompanyInfo.parentCompanyShareRatio ● Float! non-null scalar

Shares ratio of the parent company. Example: 50 if the share ratio is 50%. ● String! non-null scalar

Name of the company.

UltimateBeneficialDirectOwnerCompanyInfo.registrationNumber ● String! non-null scalar

Registration number.


UltimateBeneficialOwnerInfo interface

The Ultimate Beneficial Owner could be for an Individual or a Company and these can Direct or Indirect