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The User is the unique user, natural person, of the Swan app.

type User {
id: ID!
first: Int! = 50
before: String
after: String
filters: AccountMembershipsFilterInput
): AccountMembershipConnection!
mobilePhoneNumber: PhoneNumber
firstName: String
lastName: String
allFirstNames: [String!]
birthDate: Date
nationalityCCA3: CCA3
idVerified: Boolean!
authenticators: [Authenticator!]
identificationStatus: IdentificationStatus
identificationLevels: IdentificationLevels
preferredNotificationChannel: PreferredNotificationChannel
createdAt: DateTime!
updatedAt: DateTime!
joinedAt: DateTime!
first: Int! = 50
after: String
filters: IdentificationFiltersInput
orderBy: IdentificationsOrderByInput
): IdentificationConnection

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

unique identifier of the user

User.accountMemberships ● AccountMembershipConnection! non-null object

The list of account memberships

Implements the Relay Connection interface, used to paginate list of element (Learn More)

User.accountMemberships.first ● Int! non-null scalar

the number of elements to load (maximum: 100)

User.accountMemberships.before ● String scalar

the index (a unique reference in string form) from which you will load the preceding elements

User.accountMemberships.after ● String scalar

the index (a unique reference in string form) from which you will load the following elements

User.accountMemberships.filters ● AccountMembershipsFilterInput input

a filtering table you can apply to your list of connections

User.mobilePhoneNumber ● PhoneNumber scalar

mobile phone number with the international format (Example: +33689788967)

User.firstName ● String scalar

first name

User.lastName ● String scalar

last name

User.allFirstNames ● [String!] list scalar

list of first names

User.birthDate ● Date scalar

birth date

User.nationalityCCA3 ● CCA3 scalar


User.idVerified ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if Swan has verified the user's identity

User.authenticators ● [Authenticator!] list object

the methods used to authenticate this user

User.identificationStatus ● IdentificationStatus enum

Identification status

Each attempt to go through our identity verification process will update this value.

This field is only available for the current user.

User.identificationLevels ● IdentificationLevels object

List of identification levels available for the user.

Whenever TRUE, it means the identification was successful for the associated level.

User.preferredNotificationChannel ● PreferredNotificationChannel enum

Preferred notification channel

When it is "null" it means that the preferences have not been updated. Default SMS in use

User.createdAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

Creation date of the user

User.updatedAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

Last update date of the user

User.joinedAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

Date on which the user joined the project. Joining the project is done after the first accepted OAuth login.

User.identifications ● IdentificationConnection object

User.identifications.first ● Int! non-null scalar

Maximum number of elements in the list (default value 50)

User.identifications.after ● String scalar

When the list of elements needs to start after an element

User.identifications.filters ● IdentificationFiltersInput input

When the list of identifications needs to be filtered

User.identifications.orderBy ● IdentificationsOrderByInput input

When the list of identifications needs to be ordered, by default the list will be ordered by the latest identification (valid or not)

Returned by

user query

Member Of

AccountHolderIndividualInfo object ● AccountMembership object ● Consent object ● StandingOrder object ● UserEdge object