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An account membership represents the rights of a user for a given account.

Each account is administered by an account membership having the capacity of legal representative. He has the possibility of delegating rights on this account to other users.

type AccountMembership {
id: ID!
email: String!
user: User
legalRepresentative: Boolean!
canViewAccount: Boolean!
canManageBeneficiaries: Boolean!
canInitiatePayments: Boolean!
canManageAccountMembership: Boolean!
canManageCards: Boolean!
statusInfo: AccountMembershipStatusInfo!
account: Account
spendingLimits: [SpendingLimit!]
createdAt: DateTime!
updatedAt: DateTime!
version: String!
residencyAddress: AddressInfo
taxIdentificationNumber: String
acceptedIdentificationLevels: [IdentificationLevel]!
recommendedIdentificationLevel: IdentificationLevel!
hasRequiredIdentificationLevel: Boolean
disabledAt: DateTime
first: Int! = 50
before: String
after: String
orderBy: CardOrderByInput
filters: CardFiltersInput
): CardConnection!
spending: Spending

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

Unique identifier of an account membership ● String! non-null scalar


AccountMembership.user ● User object

user of this account membership

AccountMembership.legalRepresentative ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if this account membership having the capacity of the legal representative of the account holder.

AccountMembership.canViewAccount ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if this account membership can view account balances and transactions history

AccountMembership.canManageBeneficiaries ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if this account membership can add or canceled beneficiaries

AccountMembership.canInitiatePayments ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if this account membership can initiate payments

AccountMembership.canManageAccountMembership ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if this account membership can invite, update, suspend or resume memberships

AccountMembership.canManageCards ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if this account membership can manage cards for himself or to the memberships he manages

AccountMembership.statusInfo ● AccountMembershipStatusInfo! non-null interface

status of the account membership

AccountMembership.account ● Account object

account of the account membership

AccountMembership.spendingLimits ● [SpendingLimit!] list object

Periodic Spending limit list

AccountMembership.createdAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

Created date

AccountMembership.updatedAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

Updated date

AccountMembership.version ● String! non-null scalar

version of the account membership started from '1' and incremented at every updates

AccountMembership.residencyAddress ● AddressInfo object

Residency address of the member

AccountMembership.taxIdentificationNumber ● String scalar

Tax Identification Number of the member

AccountMembership.acceptedIdentificationLevels ● [IdentificationLevel]! non-null enum

List of accepted identification level

AccountMembership.recommendedIdentificationLevel ● IdentificationLevel! non-null enum

Recommended identification level

AccountMembership.hasRequiredIdentificationLevel ● Boolean scalar

Indicate if the identity bound to the account membership has required identification level

AccountMembership.disabledAt ● DateTime scalar

Disabled date ● CardConnection! non-null object

account membership's cards

Implements the Relay Connection interface, used to paginate list of element (Learn More) ● Int! non-null scalar

the number of elements to load (maximum: 100) ● String scalar

the index (a unique reference in string form) from which you will load the preceding elements ● String scalar

the index (a unique reference in string form) from which you will load the following elements ● CardOrderByInput input

an order you can apply to your list of connections ● CardFiltersInput input

a filtering table you can apply to your list of connections

AccountMembership.spending ● Spending object

Periodic Spending

Returned by

accountMembership query

Member Of

Account object ● AccountMembershipEdge object ● AddAccountMembershipsSuccessPayload object ● AddAccountMembershipSuccessPayload object ● BindAccountMembershipSuccessPayload object ● Card object ● DisableAccountMembershipSuccessPayload object ● PendingConsentAccountMembershipUpdate object ● SuspendAccountMembershipSuccessPayload object