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type EnrichedTransactionInfo {
enrichedMerchantName: String
logoUrl: String
category: MerchantCategory
subcategory: MerchantSubCategory
country: CCA3
city: String
address: String
longitude: String
latitude: String
postalCode: String
isSubscription: Boolean
carbonFootprint: String
contactEmail: String
contactPhone: String
contactWebsite: String


EnrichedTransactionInfo.enrichedMerchantName ● String scalar

Well formatted merchant name

EnrichedTransactionInfo.logoUrl ● String scalar

URL of the merchant logo

EnrichedTransactionInfo.category ● MerchantCategory enum

Merchant category

EnrichedTransactionInfo.subcategory ● MerchantSubCategory enum

Merchant subcategory ● CCA3 scalar

Merchant country ● String scalar

Merchant city

EnrichedTransactionInfo.address ● String scalar

Merchant address

EnrichedTransactionInfo.longitude ● String scalar

Merchant location longitude

EnrichedTransactionInfo.latitude ● String scalar

Merchant location latitude

EnrichedTransactionInfo.postalCode ● String scalar

Merchant postal code

EnrichedTransactionInfo.isSubscription ● Boolean scalar

Is merchant a subcription

EnrichedTransactionInfo.carbonFootprint ● String scalar

Merchant carbon footprint

EnrichedTransactionInfo.contactEmail ● String scalar

Merchant email

EnrichedTransactionInfo.contactPhone ● String scalar

Merchant phone

EnrichedTransactionInfo.contactWebsite ● String scalar

Merchant website

Member Of

CardTransaction object