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Physical Card To Activate Status Information

type PhysicalCardToActivateStatusInfo implements PhysicalCardStatusInfo {
status: PhysicalCardStatus!
address: Address!
estimatedDeliveryDate: DateTime
trackingNumber: String
shippingProvider: String
isPINReady: Boolean!


PhysicalCardToActivateStatusInfo.status ● PhysicalCardStatus! non-null enum

Physical Card status (always ToActivate for type PhysicalCardToActivateStatusInfo).

PhysicalCardToActivateStatusInfo.address ● Address! non-null object

address to deliver the physical card

PhysicalCardToActivateStatusInfo.estimatedDeliveryDate ● DateTime scalar

Estimated delivery date

PhysicalCardToActivateStatusInfo.trackingNumber ● String scalar

Shipping tracking number

PhysicalCardToActivateStatusInfo.shippingProvider ● String scalar

Name of the shipping provider (Ex: LaPoste, DHL ...)

PhysicalCardToActivateStatusInfo.isPINReady ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if PIN Code is available.


PhysicalCardStatusInfo interface

Physical Card Status Information