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Public information of a Project

type ProjectInfo {
cardProducts: [CardProduct!]
activeCardSettings: CardSettings @deprecated
id: ID!
B2BMembershipIDVerification: Boolean
supportingDocumentSettings: SupportingDocumentSettings
name: String!
type: ProjectType!
logoUri: String
accentColor: String
customConsentSubdomain: String
oAuthClientId: String
language: String!
): String!
tcuDocumentId: String!
webBankingSettings: WebBankingSettings
status: ProjectStatus!
allowsDesktopAuthentication: Boolean!
projectSettingsId: ID!


ProjectInfo.cardProducts ● [CardProduct!] list object

The card products associated with this project.

ProjectInfo.activeCardSettings ● CardSettings deprecated object


Use cardProduct.cardDesigns instead

the currently active card settings ● ID! non-null scalar

Unique identifier of the project

ProjectInfo.B2BMembershipIDVerification ● Boolean scalar

ProjectInfo.supportingDocumentSettings ● SupportingDocumentSettings object ● String! non-null scalar

Your project name displayed in white label interfaces and in the terms and conditions

ProjectInfo.type ● ProjectType! non-null enum

The type of your project

ProjectInfo.logoUri ● String scalar

URL of your logo

ProjectInfo.accentColor ● String scalar

Your accent color, used in white label interfaces. Most of the time for call to actions

ProjectInfo.customConsentSubdomain ● String scalar

Your custom subdomain used in consents

ProjectInfo.oAuthClientId ● String scalar

Your OAuth client id

ProjectInfo.tcuDocumentUri ● String! non-null scalar

URL to your Terms and Conditions of Use document depending on the provided language

ProjectInfo.tcuDocumentUri.language ● String! non-null scalar

this consists of a 2-3 letter base language tag representing the language, optionally followed by additional subtags separated by '-'. The most common extra information is the country or region variant (like 'en-US' or 'fr-CA') or the type of alphabet to use (like 'sr-Latn'). Other variants like the type of orthography ('de-DE-1996') are usually not used in the context of this header. Learn More

ProjectInfo.tcuDocumentId ● String! non-null scalar

Unique id of your current Terms and Conditions of Use

ProjectInfo.webBankingSettings ● WebBankingSettings object

Web banking settings

ProjectInfo.status ● ProjectStatus! non-null enum

Project status

ProjectInfo.allowsDesktopAuthentication ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Flag that determines if desktop authentication is enabled for this project

ProjectInfo.projectSettingsId ● ID! non-null scalar

The related project settings

Returned by

projectInfo query

Member Of

OnboardingInfo object ● SupportingDocumentCollection object