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Virtual IBAN can be used by the account holder to receive SCT (Sepa Credit Transfer) or to be debited by SDD (Sepa Direct Debit).

type VirtualIBANEntry {
id: ID!
label: String
status: IBANStatus!
blockSDD: Boolean!

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

Unique identifier of a Virtual IBAN entry

VirtualIBANEntry.IBAN ● IBAN! non-null scalar

International Bank Account Number

VirtualIBANEntry.BIC ● BIC! non-null scalar

Bank Identifier Code

VirtualIBANEntry.label ● String scalar

Label (could be used to identify)

VirtualIBANEntry.status ● IBANStatus! non-null enum

Status of the Iban

VirtualIBANEntry.blockSDD ● Boolean! non-null scalar

true if the Virtual IBAN refuses all Sepa Direct Debit received

Member Of

AddVirtualIbanEntrySuccessPayload object ● AllowSddVirtualIbanEntrySuccessPayload object ● CancelVirtualIbanEntrySuccessPayload object ● DenySddVirtualIbanEntrySuccessPayload object ● VirtualIBANEntryEdge object